Chopstick Lady 

is the permanent (fingers-crossed) and first-ever serious blog of fringster, a nurse slash frustrated aspiring writer/novelist/journalist (Hey, it’s not too late to recapture my dreams!).

As she happens to have a lot of interests, she plans to make this online space a menagerie of all things an average female a little past her teen life usually likes.

Fringster would love to write about anything – but she would want to keep this blog as informative and relevant as possible to people her age (twenty-ish) so topics range as follows:


  • Beauty and Fashion – yeah, girl stuff
  • Books – reading is a pleasure
  • Cleaning tips – for the OCs out there
  • Movie reviews – just for flicks she either loves or loathes the most
  • Product/Store reviews – for the consumers at heart
  • DIY tips and tutorials – for crafty gals
  • Health – includes one’s general well-being (mental, social, physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Anything goes – bits and pieces of what’s going on inside her mind

In other words, this blog is an extension of fringster’s LIFE.

Feel free to view, read, visit, appreciate, share, tweet, recommend, like, love, hate, and explore it.

Then perhaps – you’ll eventually find yourself thinking of not just Chinese food whenever you hear or see a chopstick.

By the way, I’m not Chinese/Japanese/Korean and I’m not good at using chopsticks – but I just lurve the combined feeling of sexiness and clumsiness I have everytime I try to use them!

Chop! Chop!

– fringster

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P.S.: If there’s a topic you’d want me to blog about related to the above categories I’ve mentioned, just drop a post on the Facebook wall of Chopstick Lady or email me at fringsterrific@gmail.com. I’d be happy to grant your requests!


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