DIY Tetrahedron Zip-Up Purse (‘Just Made One!)

The very first ‘My Own Version’ craft for this blog: A Zip-Up Tetrahedron Coin Purse!!!

I found this unique purse tutorial over this blog (Craft Passion) and since then, I planned to make one. Believe me, I bought the materials last year but it was only until yesterday that I remembered I have something to finish.

Click this pic and join the craze.

Right click. Open in a new tab. Join the craze.

And so it was finished.

I have encountered a lot of difficulties crafting this little money holder that looks like wrapped rice dumplings (or “eee-buuus” in our dialect) given that I haven’t used my sewing skills since last year. The last craft I can remember I did was the layered lacy black top over here.

The challenges I had were the making of the base curve and the finishing of the top part. Maybe I did not understand the instructions quite well? Or was I just too bored to care to read and understand them when I can look over the pic or just figure out the whole thing by myself?

Though I’m a visual person, I find the pictures on the tutorial as not really very helpful (I’m sorry but you need to spoon-feed me). If only a video tutorial is present, that’ll be a great relief then.

Nevertheless, after about four to five hours of sedulously following a set of instructions I can’t quite understand, getting needle pricks that I couldn’t count already (are my fingers getting numb?) and of painstakingly ‘back-stitching’ the ribbon to the zipper, I’m happy that I was able to have a finished product.


My own version: It looks more of yummy than cute though.

My own version: It’s more of ‘yummy’ than ‘cute’ though.

It’s not perfect but – nice one for a first-timer!!!

After completing this year-old project, I have a lot of ideas swirling through my head: make a video tutorial, make my own improved tutorial, make my own version, sell these purses and commit to a 52-week craft challenge.

Yikes! I hope it wouldn’t take ten years before I can materialize these plans!!!

Happy crafting everyone! #creativemode



  1. Marion

    If you ever make a tutorial on this tetrahedron purse, please let me know. I’m having the same difficulties and just can’t figure out how to get the base right. Thanks a million !! Marion

    • Hi! I’m still working on the tutorial (sorry for the busy sched). As of now I also can’t find a great tutorial for this. Sigh.

      • Marion

        Thanks so much for your reply . I myself haven’t managed so far to get back to this cute little thing.
        Maybe one day….

  2. Marion

    Apart from that I love Hershey kisses 🙂

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