I’m Skipping the BDJ Planner Habit

And Hopping into the Box!

I sent myself an early Christmas gift in the form of a BDJ box last October. I was so much excited to post my thoughts and reviews about it yet due to the series of fortunate and unfortunate events that blew me away in a full throttle (Good thing, I’m still alive), I am a little bit late in exposing the goodies.

Okay, I admit. It’s not just a little bit – I am waaaaaaaay too late and you most probably have heard about the unveiling of this new baby in the whole blogosphere. =( Well, there can only be two reasons behind my tardy behavior: I’m honestly busy or inspiration just hasn’t knocked my door yet – until now.

It’s quite strange, but for this year, I think I’m skipping the BDJ Planner habit. Yeap. If last year I was going crazy making reviews about the planner to the extent of even giving away one to a lucky ‘bella’, the incoming package just didn’t make me go gaga.

Lost the spark?

Lost the spark?

One of the major reasons why I didn’t buy the 2013 BDJ Planner is that it did not make me feel excited. I’m not quite sure if it’s because I’m just so stressed during these past months, or my life just got dull and boring, but I find the new planner as “nothing new” in comparison with the old one.

I think if it’s not really the complete replica, it’s a second-rate, trying hard…(you know the rest). Okay I’m sorry but I need to say it – copycat. I really wanted to see new templates, new ideas, new themes. I want Belle de Jour to show to its fans how girl power equates to innovation. I am so sick of seeing the same drawn-up Bella face on its cover year after year.

Anyway, enough of me being a non-patron. I think that for this year I’ll embrace the minimalist life as I bought myself a simple Sterling planner. The pages are plain, but they are as powerful as my former planer in stimulating my mind to create ideas. Perhaps my eyes got tired of seeing all those colorful distractions on the previous planner.

In addition, I think the coupons aren’t really financially friendly. Instead of helping me save, seeing them makes me buy stuff or avail of services that I don’t primarily want/need just because (at the back of my mind) I’m thinking that the discount is too good to miss.

Yet with careful analysis, I’ve realized that those coupons gave me the compulsion to spend on things that aren’t really essential. Instead of saving, I think I ended up spending more.

I’m sorry BDJ, but this year just isn’t yours (for me). You can’t fool me with those pretty drawings and lovely write-ups. Yes, you do inspire me sometimes but it’s no to the finish. I’ve observed I only get to use you during the first two quarters of the year. The rest, I just keep you to make me “convince” myself that I’m planning things – though I’m not.

Now going back to the BDJ Box…

I like it because it contains a lot of fresh-from-the-market beauty products; I hate it though because the samples are so tiny (like tinier than the usual sample sizes). Just got pissed off to see one bottle with the label “SAMPLE. NOT FOR SALE.

bdj box

Anyway, I think the box is a great find – you’re getting more out of your 480 pesos. For this year, the BDJ planner can be set aside yet the BDJ Box shall stay.

Order at http://bdjbox.com/

Hurry: March and April boxes are sold out! Grab yours for May!


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