Annebisyosa in Bacolod (Part II): The Show Plus Anne’s Costumes

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There She Is!

Though seated at a distance, I’m still quite happy that I don’t have to use a telescope to catch a glimpse of Anne. Her skin, even from afar, glows like milk. She entertained me well with her funny antics and full-blown star quality. She is a goddess.

anne curtis annebisyosa

The concert was very entertaining and Anne was fabulous. As for the singing part – no matter how much my ears protested, I don’t care. She’s adorable. What I really love about the concert is that it was light and Anne’s just like a child playing and singing her heart out. And for the most part, I sang my heart out with her too. I love how there was no pressure in each song – no off keys, no off beats, no “it has to be perfect attitude” only “just be yourself.”

I adore how Anne pulled the concert off. She owned the stage and the show was more of a tribute to all those who loves to sing but aren’t really fortunate enough to have music love them back (and that includes me).
As for the costume, I really love the one that she donned while singing Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing and Starships. Anne’s daddy was there! I heard he’s always tagging along in Anne’s concerts.

Her special guests were Jimmy Marquez, Luis Manzano and Rachel Anne Go. Btw, Rachelle sings very well. Haha! I can’t forget the dancers too. If I am to rate the concert, it should be split into two. A hundred percent thumbs up for Anne Curtis and the same figure only turned negative for the organizers (because of the mob incident). And so it equates to zero? Nah, forget about it, without the organizers the show could not have been possible too. The show was fantastic. Period.

I went home with a smile and the touching words of my idol:

“… I’m thankful that all of you are part of my dream come true…” (Or at least that’s what she said if my memory serves me right. )

On a Side Note

I just want to insert my frustration to the crowd (which I’m also part of, and as if I haven’t been pissed off enough earlier) because we are just not that responsive. Bacolod is packed with bars full of party-goers but if in a big gathering, we behave so well to the point that we’re becoming mere spectators, feeding only our sense of sight but not fully engaging ourselves to the concert experience. No standing up nor clapping of hands nor dancing nor full-blast singing nor lights display. The crowd was nothing but mere viewers. Hmmmm. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but for the credit, it just means that if someone’s performing, we give our full attention and that during a show (take note: not before, not the stampede scene), we Bacolodnons behave well.

Dressed to Impress: Anne Curtis’ Costumes

Anne’s costumes were so theatrical and magical that I would buy the idea of her having a fairy god-mother backstage, zapping her looks instantly and wonderfully for each set. To whoever is holding the magic wand, I salute you for making my idol so beautiful and attractive! Here’s a collection of what Anne wore during the concert (complete with self-made names for each costume):

anne curtis costume

Cabaret style

anne curtis costume

Seeing Stripes: Though for me, Anne looks like a prisoner in this costume (I really don’t know why), she’s one hell of a lovely and hot inmate!

anne curtis

Peacock! Katy Perry, is that you?

anne curtis

Dark and Sexy: Anne shows off her daring and sultry side while singing “Alone.”

anne curtis

Rugged: One of my favorite outfits. If Anne was ultra-sexy in the previous act, up here she’s carefree and boyish (proves how versatile she is). My eyes are fixed on the boots.

anne curtis

Neon: Inspired by Nicki Minaj, just look at how she glows!

anne curtis

Swan Lake: Topping my I luuuurve list is this elegant dress with a bulbous skirt. It’s lovely and suitable for a debutant or bride. It was hard-work for Anne to walk wearing it though. Perhaps it’s because the dress was heavy. This is what she wore while singing Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing with Rachelle Ann.

anne curtis

Legs in Red: Just look at that infinite slit! Those legs are definitely TDF!

Thank you, Anne… for a wonderful night with you. You truly are one of Philippine’s finest.

Image Courtesy: Thanks to Swit for all the snaps! Thanks, girl!

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