Annebisyosa in Bacolod (Part I): The Pre-Anne Khor-tis Scene

Annnnne KHOR-tiiiis!

Alright, before you pull out that weird stare and start breathing fire on me, calm down. With all due respect to Anne Curtis’ fans, I am not mocking her precious name. In fact, I actually like it a lot and I’m her fan too. I just want to catch the attention of the Annebisyosa Concert spectators of Bacolod, thus the title.

anne curtis annebisyosa concert

Eyein’ the boots!

If you were there:

Good. You can laugh with me. Truth be told though, the Anne KHOR-TIS scene was quite humiliating. They (non-Bacolodnons) would think we really don’t know how to pronounce certain words properly – especially the surname of one of the most sought-after female icons of today. Though I don’t really care much on how “they” perceive us, without a doubt, the said incident is a painful blow to our reputation (given that we already have a stigma attached).

Note: A big chunk of this narrative goes off to the pre-concert scenarios that were quite an interesting experience for me. I just want to rant all about it. If you’re looking for the meat of the show, don’t keep your hopes high.

THE LINE that later on became THE MOB

So my cousin tagged me along and I tagged my niece too. Then the three of us sent ourselves early to the home of the Stingers, hoping that we can be “IN the line” before it forms into a giant snake.

It wasn’t just a snake though, it was an Anaconda! About half past five the crowd was getting thicker and the loud but indistinct voices of eager fans echoed thru the Coliseum’s lobby. I rechecked my watch, six sharp – and the gate’s still closed. What’s new to Filipino time? (eyes rolling). Another hour passed and the rather moderate assembly – in what seems to be in an instant – became a large swarm of bees. It became hot and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, “all for the sake of Anne,” what would a fan not do? As we patiently stood in line, securing our rights as we were there first, one gate opened. It was a relief. At least, there was movement… Just a veeerrrry slow movement though. As we were waiting patiently for our turn to get in, to our surprise, another gate opened on the other side and all the people waiting after us started to form a new line.

Uh-oh. Now here’s where the commotion started. The front-liners started making accusatory and derogatory remarks, expressing the word UNFAIR in a furious manner. Some of the concert-goers, especially the “old ones” turned their wrath against the marshals who just receive orders from whoever is the boss. Tsk. Tsk. Poor gatekeepers. (I can relate, by the way.)

anne curtis concert


The crowd got all messed up (as if it’s not messy in the first place) and soon enough the zigzag-iddy line split itself into two… three more… four more… until POOF! I just found myself so much squeezed in a mob of angry and impatient would-be concert listeners. It was hot and compact as hell, the elbow-to-elbow factor will put rush hour MRT to shame, and you’ll be dismayed to hear strangers shouting their anger off to the clueless whatchamacallits at the gate, asking for a proper passage. Like hello? This is a mob. Yeah, we’re part of it – but technically, we were all transformed into one brainless unit. There are no traffic rules here so what’s the use of shouting? (That goes off to the gal in red behind me who strained my eardrums to death!).

No offense to those involved, but I found those police-wearing people to be nothing but sick statues. The organizers should have deployed more marshals and have planned the entry of the fans very well. For me, crowd control plays a crucial part in making the audience’s experience an unforgettable one (in a good way, of course). If I can get inside a concert without having to push someone else’s back and as well as get out still in one piece, then the organizers should definitely be commended.

At last, we made it

After so much struggle, thankfully, we worked our way past the multitude. That was the real sign of relief. SIGH. I never thought that this would be the consequence of savin’ up and buying Bronze tickets. Looking on the bright side though, at least, I’ve mastered some elbow-pushing and crowd-treading skills!

Thought bubble: It’s just so frustrating to find educated people behaving like a pack of hungry wolves, competing for entry. I’m just quite thankful we made it alive and still pretty!

Photo courtesy: Thanks to Swit (second from right) for the snaps. It’s her birthday today!



  1. “I’m just quite thankful we made it alive and still pretty!” now THAT’S how you end a post….in my opinion at least.

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  3. Anonymous

    thanks to ANNE and to her concert staff for the glamorous concert.. 🙂 wew.. it was all worth it 🙂

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