Then My Heart Said: “That’s Enough, Let’s Move On!”

I came across this cliche when I was seventeen: 

“They say holding on makes you stronger… But sometimes – it’s LETTING GO.” 

It gave me the force to make a decision. Six years after, I never thought I’d use it AGAIN.

letting go


“I held my hand up high and spread my fingers like a flower that opens in spring. And there it goes… As delicate as a young butterfly but as strong as the wings of an eagle. It soared high up in the skies… I watched it closely, every move, every second… Until it disappeared from my sight. What a lovely way to end something. What a tragic memory to leave behind. Yet I know though that love is gone, it will forever be…FREE.


Photo courtesy: Littlelucyliu

P.S. Just something I learned from the past though: “I only let go if the other person also did.”



  1. Benjie Peace

    what can i say, wow, your personality is very meaningful. you are unpredictable. however i suggest you should not let your emotion get the best of you. Honestly, you are a better person –you are better than anyone else. You will have many things to go through and a better future to face. Believing in God is like believing in yourself. It’s like this. Remember God made a statement that he would rise from the death after three days. He believed that it would happen, he was sure. He believed that our Father fullfills His promises.

  2. What’s thiiiiiiiiis? Chika! 😀 hahha! kidding :)))

  3. But the things is, letting Go is sooo hard!

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