This Week On the Web: Nonsense Ramblings and Random Snaps

I was so sucked out of energy at work that I spent my whole weekend just snoozing on the couch with my dog also nodding off on the floor near me(and he stinks). I just had one full meal of junk food yesterday, thanks to the short distance of McDo from the apartment and today I just ate breakfast and dinner. The rest is lost in wonderland.

That lazy day when you just want to lie around and do nothing comes too often right now. Perhaps this could be stress – or just pure slacking-off.

I spent quite some time over the net, sniffing for what’s new and what could be explored. I just don’t feel like writing anything “informative” right now like how-to’s, what’s cool, yada, yada.

I just want to be lost in oblivion and carry on sleeping for a century. Oh, this is a major issue. Perhaps I have problems with commitment. I wanna write about how The Avengers took my brain off my head, I wanna share how I spent Earth Day by recycling things at home. Yet the writer within me is so trapped on being a slob that I can’t even raise a finger to create a nice entry. But what do I call this entry then? Just a product of my thoughtless musings.

I have a detailed list of what I’ll write for my blog. But I’m just too distracted to start it off. Where are my entries? Crossed out. Gone. Forgotten. They were written off like a bad debt. That’s it. Perhaps I’ll be luckier the following days though.

This slot is nothing but my tired ruminations. If you happen to get a sense out of it then it must be a mistake. Nevertheless, I managed to at least compile the following from my short-lived visit on the web.

Lookbook Fantasies


The week has ended. I smell another coming up. Hope this one’s different.

Note: I do not own any of these pics. I’m just sharing them. Photo courtesy of


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