Forever 21 Opens at SM North The Block

I Wanna Be Forever 21!

… or just feel like it ~

We were there (at the mall) just to eat. If I wasn’t really so busy at work lately, I would’ve been nosy enough to know that Forever 21 actually opened up its fashion doors to the “Northerners” last April 20.

forever 21


I took a peek inside and  I just felt like the store instantly made me feel young, sexy and twenty-oneish because of the wide space it has and the variety of clothes it offers. If it weren’t for my “supportive companion” who deliberately tagged me out of the place, I could’ve stayed for the whole day.

There were pieces which caught my attention in one glance but too bad my phone is battery drained that time (cause my charger broke) and I wasn’t able to take snaps of my new fashion finds.

Good thing though, I was able to search for them at Forever 21’s online store.

Floral Shorts. I am thinkin’ of donning this along with flats though.

This looks sick with shorts!

Oh, I just fell in love with the place. I felt like I was a kid trapped happily in a Wonderland of my favorite clothes, not to mention the “We Found Love” backdrop from Rihanna, which added spice to the experience. If there’s instant love – then this is it. 

Note: I don’t own the pictures here. 


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