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What caught my attention about this blog are the words of Mark Twain: Classic. A book which people praise but don’t read. I have to agree – as I am guilty as well. I know a lot of classic books because they are popular, the author is an award-winner, etc. But I’ve never really found the time to read them and see for myself if those books are indeed extraordinary. On a side note, I am with the author of this blog, it takes a great deal of inspiration before I can actually finish a book. The last classic that my eyes sunk into is The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I’ve read just one chapter I guess. Urgh. The lazy me is such a strong woman – I suck too.


I suck (kind of). I haven’t read a classic book since the last one I posted 4 or 5 months ago. My only redemption is that I have still been reading, just not classics. I finished Ishmeal, which is an all-around awesome book that I highly recommend. I also finished the “hunger games” trilogy, which was pretty good. I thought the first 2 books were great and the 3rd one, not so much. but a friend of mine thought the first 2 were “meh” and the 3rd one was good. to each his own, i suppose.

i gotsta get on the ball with this. oh, motivation, where art thou?!?

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