What Would You Wear Aboard Titanic?


Huge. Grand. Splendid. The Titanic is the finest cruise ship that epitomizes the love of men for pleasure even at the midst of the ocean. Being the grandest, and most tragic shipwreck of all time, who wouldn’t be captured by the story of this sunken ship?


The ship was crafted beautifully. Seeing her interior details alone (in the movie) is enough to leave my jaws in awe. I want the ship to take me back into the lavish lifestyle of the rich in the nineteen hundreds. How sad it is that such beauty has to face a very tragic predicament. Sometimes I do wonder, how lovely could it have been if I was there on-board (sans the sinking though) and given that I was among those occupying the upper deck of the socialites.

The Titanic sunk on the 15th of April 1912 – that’s about a hundred years back. A century has already passed, but the fatal demise of what’s considered as the largest ship long ago still sends shivers into my spine.

On the other hand, just to lighten things up, I found these fashion sets featuring clothes that I think I’d pack down and wear while finding my own little forbidden love in the ocean and aboard the famous ship.

my heart will go on
What Would You Wear on the Titanic?
Titanic ..... so sad

This one’s mine (arrow down):

titanic A

Find other Titanic-inspired ensembles here. 

In commemoration of Titanic’s Centennial Anniversary, Titanic the movie is showing in cinemas now and in 3D. Fancy going back in time? Catch the movie (preferably with your guy) and witness a typical love story in a tragic way.

Just remembered: I was in third grade when this movie became a hit. I can’t forget how popular the OST “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion was. Sigh. Those were the days.



  1. Benjie Peace

    Titanic is the best movie of all time. The best part of the movie is how the love between Jack and Rose grew. Let’s say I were on titanic to witness it, wearing “American jacket” ( I don’t know the exact term”), a hat, pants and leather shoes. These clothes or outfit were to let people on board feel that i was with them that i was part of them. Do you get the idea? Disguising. It’s like being detective. Just kidding! I would befriend Jack and Rose and have fun with them. Of course i know how story ends, so, after accomplishing my mission and before the ship sank, I had already ridden my :”Time Ship” to go back to the present and avoid the danger. Kidding!

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