What is Loneliness?

I was browsing my old files in the computer and I came across this little piece of literature practically just lying around in one of my folders. I don’t have any idea how in the world did I come up with this one but I sure believe I made it during a time when I was pretty darn an outcast. Gosh, never knew I was THAT “emo.”


It’s funny how you can be in the company of friends at one point and wake up feeling so alone in the next.

What makes us humans so afraid of living without a single soul to be with?

What is loneliness?

I don’t know. . . But I sure know that there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely.

It’s that constant feeling of emptiness which keeps on feeding on your flesh like a monster devouring your very soul and existence – it’s downright real.

To some it’s the depressing atmosphere of the dark.

It’s the strange calmness embracing the air before the first drop of rain ever hits the earth.

It’s the deafening cry of silence, a secluding voice of emptiness…

…An unexplainable feeling of void and space.

It’s a belittling experience of feeling like you have nothing to feel…

Like you have no feelings at all.

It’s when the night consumes the day.

It’s when the nest eventually becomes unoccupied.

It’s when you have reached the end, and realized that you never finished anything.

It’s when the stars fall and kings dethroned.

It’s when the things you knew were real, suddenly became dreams.

It’s when fantasy breaks your heart, and you’re left lying defeated by your own expectations.

It’s when you’re with the company of those who unfavor you.

It’s when you thought you were someone, and finally realized that you’re no one.

It’s when the heavens break apart and the angels cease to sing their hymns.

It’s when you lose sight of you’re connection to your Creator.

It’s when you become intimate but never really one.

It’s when somebody tells you a lie, and you believe it with all your heart.

It’s when you fight a battle alone with the rest of your army just looking behind you.

It’s when hell becomes nothing.

It’s when heaven becomes nothing too.

It’s when you’re lost.

It’s when you lose your mind thinking how you’ve lost yourself.

It’s when you come to a place and find it deserted.

It’s when you push away everyone who cares for you.

It’s when they have finally decided to leave.

It’s when you have been fighting the same old battle for such a very, very long time but at the end – you still lost.

It’s when you can finally grasp victory and see redemption but you gave up.

It’s when your strength became your weakness.

It’s when someone you love breaks your heart.

It’s when hate got tired of your hating.

It’s when the world robs you of everything and gives you back nothing.

It’s when you do good but emerge being bad.

It’s when you seek someone who is gone.

It’s when you call, and there’s no answer.

It’s when you’re rich but never happy.

It’s when you feel weak and unable.

It’s when darkness has consumed even that single streak of light that illuminates your path.

It’s when you feel so down and empty.

It’s when you feel so alone and yet you have no single soul to call.

It when you finally realize, that everything will pass.

It when the past becomes irreversible.

It when nostalgia defies your memory

It’s when somebody leaves…

and never comes back. 



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