Product of A Sleepless Night

I can’t sleep tonight and as a result, here’s what my creative juices came up with. . .

Sometimes boredom does make you a bit artistic.

Modern Classic

What inspired me: I’m not so sure but I think I saw Mischa Barton wearing a very classy white top along with a pair of jeans; it looks really cute on her!

Just for Lazy Afternoons

What inspired me: I like the idea of not doing anything in a sunny, lazy afternoon. The thought of just laying around in a fine spot and drowning myself over a book sends giggles to my brain. Aaah, the life!

Stroll at the Park

What inspired me: I am fond of parks. In fact, no matter how public is that kind of place I feel so comfortable hangin’ out around it. I eat “dirty” ice creams, buy balloons and just enjoy the shade given by big, leafy trees whenever I do visit the spot. Quezon City Circle is one fine park but they say that there’s something new with Ecopark. . . Perhaps I should drop by some time.

Spring Floral

What inspired me: A girl can never go wrong with floral prints. It gives her a distinct sense of femininity and style. Whenever I see and wear florals, it reminds me of beautiful gardens and lush, green sceneries.

‘Hope you like my creations!


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