I Support the KONY2012 Movement

I came across this video on one of the blogs that I follow and I felt the need to share it after seeing it. No, this is not about beauty, fashion, and the usual stuff that bloggers share to the world.


After watching the flick, I felt as if I am one with the world in making this place better and safer for our children.

The KONY2012 project is an action plan to make Joseph Kony famous, not to give him praise and honor but to actually facilitate his arrest. Joseph Kony is the leader of LRA, a rebel group in Uganda. He abducts children and makes them soldiers. Currently, there are over 30,000 innocent children that are victims of his evil scheme.

The KONY2012 project has the goal of stopping Joseph Kony through mass information dissemination. If more people will know what he is doing, more people will realize that there is a need to arrest him. And if more people will demand for his arrest, the government will notice and most probably take action.

There is strength in numbers.

Today, I pledge to be part of this movement.



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