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chopstick lady

Cross Process - the feature I like to use.

News for Picnik Users

I have a bad news and a good one. I bet you want to hear the bad news first, aight?

Well the bad news is – Picnik is closing down. (I’m really so sad for this one.)

Yet the good news is – Picnik Premium is for free until April 19, 2012!!!

What is Picnik?

Picnik is a very useful photo editor. I use it oftentimes for my blog pictures. Whenever I want to add something cool to my snaps – I head out and do “picnik-ing” – corny term (I know).

Go ahead and create your own wonderful pictures with Picnik. Take note, all its features for the Premium account are free.

Why is it closing?

It’s an ant invasion, that’s what I know. You can visit their site to know the real story though.

For those who have files in Picnik, you can request for a “take out.” The Picnik team will send your photos in a zip file.

Pictures I’ve created using Picnik

Using Lomo-fication


Before the Lomo Effect -

1960's vibe

Before enhancing the snap

Just wanna insert this >>>

My guy bought me one of the best BOOOOTS ever! I can wear it high or low. So sick!

Thank you, boyfie! ❤

If you haven’t Picnik-ed ever, you can still catch up before it closes!

Closing time is on April 19, 2012.

Note: I own all the pictures posted here. Yeah sure, you can grab ’em. But be sure to link the pics back to me! Thanks. 


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