Disappointed with Ahcee Flores

Ahcee Flores

The comment that started it all...

Venting Out

I am not really the type of person who gets easily offended whenever “regionalism issues” are brought up by someone (unless it’s really below the belt).

Since I’ve moved to the Metro after living in Bacolod for more than two decades, I’ve had a lot of adjustments not just in terms of the environment here (traffic, pollution, etc) but also when it comes to Manila’s culture and language.

Well, for the most part I love being here. I don’t care about the thick traffic (as my office is just a fifteen-minute ride from home) and the pollution factor too is I guess – a worldwide issue.

On the other hand, when it comes to culture, I think I have adopted some of their views, though I do keep my own “probinsyana” values intact. Yes, I did experience a few linguistic challenges here in Manila such as in the pronunciation of some words. However, it doesn’t really concern me that much if I mis-pronounce some Tagalog terms.

I don’t give a damn if I pronounce “trisikel” as “trisikol” or “sparkel” as “sparkol” and though my Tagalog friends would most of the time mimic how I say these words and slightly crack a joke out of it – I don’t really get offended. I guess my history teacher did quite a good job in opening my mind about “diversity.” Though I may sound “baduy” sometimes, for me it’s nothing to be scared of. Like what? Would it make me less of a person that I am if I sound a bit awkward? People may say what they want to say, attach epithets to the word “Bisaya” and label us as “baduy” – but I’m still going to be a proud probinsyana no matter what.

However, I just want to express my disappointment with Ahcee Flores, the girl who commented on a Yahoo site wishing that Visayans get killed in the earthquake/tsunami because they are “baduy.”

I don’t really know the whole thing she said because  I wasn’t able to see the original site where her comment appeared, but  judging on what I’ve read from blogs, news, and Facebook links, this Ahcee Flores of some sort posted something really offensive, malign, and negative towards Visayans, enough to make it a trending in Twitter and Facebook.

She generalized Visayans to be “baduy” and she even asked for people to pray that a tsunami will indeed strike in the Island and wipe away all Visayans.

When April, my friend, told me about this thing my blood really rose up to my head. Like how can a fellow Filipino desire ill towards her own kind? If she hates Visayans, then she’s not worthy to be called as a Filipino… because being a Filipino means loving your whole country, not just the region where you came from.

I saw her picture at this Facebook page – it’s complete with comments and hate messages. 

I’d like to consider her rude attitude as a result of a bad experience with a Bisaya in the past. Perhaps she got dumped by a guy before or what – yet it’s not a reason for her to wish a tsunami wave to come towards the Visayan island. If she only knew what is happening at the south right now, she could probably have thought twice before she posted those inconsiderate comments.

Maybe she just wanted attention. . Nevertheless, she’s most probably hiding under her sheets right now whoever and wherever she is as I’m sure that a mass of Visayans carrying knives, guns, curses, and a whole lot of sh*t are hunting her down – all fired up to skin her alive, burn her down, rip her body to pieces and suck the life out of her. Errrrrhhhh. . . I’m just exaggerating. Well whoever you are, Ahcee Flores – goodluck!

P.S. I hate to say this, but they say that her real name is Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos. 

Darn, we have a name in common. 

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Note: I don’t own the picture posted here, it is linked to the source site. 



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  2. Anonymous

    yucks.! nawng nia murag bagtak sa american frog.!

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