Make the Shoe Fit

All is Perfect But the Fit

tight shoes

Be good to your feet.

I always have a problem with shoes – my shoe size is six and a half. Shoe stores do not always have half sizes, and so I end up either wearing a little bit tight or a little bit loose shoes. Oftentimes, I opt for a tight pair because I am more uncomfortable with loose ones!

I’ve bought a pair of flats at the little things she needs. It’s weird but their size 37 is like a size 36 in other shoe brands. As much as I like the craftsmanship and the design of the shoes, it’s such a pain to feel my feet being squeezed every time I wear it. Although I can still walk my feet off, I can’t deny that there’s a slight discomfort.

Damn, the flats almost fit my feet, but for some reason, it isn’t just my shoe size. I blamed myself for buying the pair. I’ve always been a “comfort over fashion” kind of girl, but the flats’ design is too tempting I forgot about my mantra.

This big question dawned on me as I raised the pair of shoes up with my hands: What would I do with these?

a. Give it to my niece

b. Wear it (and sacrifice) until it gets bigger


I realized that I can actually scout for resources on how to make shoes bigger. I thought that with the amount of information  available on the Internet, there sure is someone out there with the same problem as with me.

… With a couple of clicks, I did find my answers!

I’ve learned that there are actually many ways on how to make shoes bigger by stretching them. I came across this site that talks about how to transform a tight shoe into a proper fitting one. In addition, I’ve also learned that there are shoes which literally “reform” to follow your feet’s contours if you use them over time.

If you have a “sized-up” problem with shoes, MAKE IT FIT!

P.S.: Uh-oh! I’ve realized that I haven’t updated my blog for more than a month! (Guilty look)

Note: I don’t own the picture posted on this post, it is linked to the source site. 



  1. Me naman I am looking for size 35 kaso wala, so i opted for size 36, kaso the problem is, hindi ko sya winalked inside the shop, so paguwi ko at home, I noticed maluwag saken yung left side. parang nabugbog na kakasukat yung shoes. 😦

    • owh. you can try asking for a new pair if you bought the shoes from a shop and you still have the receipt. Always check and wear the pair inside the shop so that you’ll know if it fits you well. What you can do I guess is to put something sa maluwag na shoe para mag fit sa paa mo.

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