A Long Hiatus and A Birthday Tale

Note: This post is loaded with pictures.

Forgive me! I haven’t posted anything for several days because I was so much caught up in the tangles of my schedule! I’ve recently joined another line of work – just think of interviews, meeting new friends, resume-making, complying with requirements, and on top of that I’ve also got a lot of deadlines for my online job. I know I shouldn’t have excuses but I’m really, really sorry!

By the way, since I have another workload to shoulder, I think I couldn’t keep up with my daily blogging schedule anymore (sad face). Yeah, I know I said I’ll try my best to really have one post a day, but the circumstances right now are really waaaay too messy for me to handle and so I’ve decided to blog maybe at least once or twice per week. I hope all of you will be fine about that. But will you miss me? I just hope so.

Anyway, as part of my “coming-back” entry, I’d like to splurge about the things I did on my birthday! Uhuh (eye rolling) I know, this is waaaaay too late for my post-birthday narrative. But then, I have to spill my BIG DAY before I ran out of time and before I know it – it’s 2012!

Chopstick Lady

It's weird seeing your facebook profile look like this for a day!

November 21, 1988

At around 11:47 in the morning, a baby girl was born – and she’s destined to be sitting, all poised-up in front of her virtual boyfriend (laptop), typing away all the things she finds amusing after twenty three years – and that’s like, RIGHT NOW.

It’s almost a month after my natal day but my memories are as fresh as newly-picked strawberries. (Oh, I love those!) Anyway, enough of fluff – as for my birthday, these are the things which kept me happy and thankful to dear God that He gave me another year in my life.

The Number 21

Obviously, my favorite number is 21 (and 6). As the clock struck twelve on my birthday eve, I don’t know what magic happened but my peepers were crazily alert in spotting any number with a 21 on it. Here are the evidences:

Chopstick Lady

Crazy about 21, huh?

chopstick lady

Spotted another.

I was kind of amazed at myself during that day; thinking about how sensitive I was to the number. In fact, I even glanced back at my laptop’s screen and found these “vital signs” at the right top-most corner and instantly took notice of the 21% battery  – I took a very small screen shot of it:

Ooops, need to recharge!

Here’s another thing – I took note of the 21st person who greeted me for my birthday! Thanks, Kimmy!

Birthday Launching

Aside from my peculiar addiction to the numeral, t’was also on my birthday where I’ve launched the Belle de Jour Power Planner Giveaway! I just felt like it was the perfect timing to open up my first-ever giveaway. I’ve noticed that the number of entries for this contest seemed to have risen during the past week, thanks so much for participating!

belle de jour power planner

Click to join the contest! Ends December 25

Fellow Birth-mates!

I’m so grateful to have friends whom I share the same birth date with! Perhaps those Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes really do work because I’m extremely fascinated at how I can somehow relate with the personalities of my “ka-birthdays.”

For instance, my college clinical instructor who’s very diplomatic, smart and orderly (someone who’s cool but also tough) was also born on November 21 – and seriously, I also am a little inclined to be a pedant than a pragmatist sometimes. Then I have another friend, who also share the same passion with me – writing! It’s so funny how we found out that we yearly celebrate the same day. She’s the blogger behind Incoherent Ramblings, Inc.

I also know two other friends who are proactive and pretty people – just like me! Wink, wink.

Note: I’ll try to contact these people and ask if I can post their WANTED pictures here. Haha!


I’ve spent half of the day strolling at the mall with someone (wide grin). I wore red and posed like no one’s watching just to capture myself on that memorable occasion.


A Simple Ending

Towards the bottom of the day, I bought sampaguita from a little kid at the sidewalk, had dinner with family friends, and prayed at exactly 21:21 or 9:21 pm! I just thought that was a lucky minute for me.

This lei made me feel special on my day.

chopstick Lady

I prayed at exactly 21:21 - even my iphone wasn't spared from the 21 craze!


As for my presents, I didn’t receive much, actually. But that’s just really okay with me. A simple birthday greeting is enough to make me feel loved. Speaking of greetings though, my digits got really so tired because I painstakingly replied to all the Facebook wall posts I’ve got! Wow, I just so wish the Facebook team will invent a “reply to all wall posts option” to make replying as easy as one click. On the other hand, I’ve made a wall post entitled “A Litany of Thanksgiving” for everyone who remembered me on that day.

chopstick lady

A gift from my friend - Nang Pam.

My special someone gave this gift set as a surprise! Thank you! ❤

I will make a follow-up post featuring this Tea Tree Set from The Body Shop!

To wrap everything up, my day ended up so well, I have a giant grin on my face. Though I didn’t get to celebrate my special day with friends and family (since I’ve moved into a new place), I still do feel the warmth of their love. Well, I can say that I am BLESSED.

Now that I’ve shared my birthday experience, I’d love to hear your birthday story too. How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you have any special event or routine on that day such as going to Mass, throwing parties or having an outreach? I would love to listen.

Lastly, every November 21 is the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rule.

Note: All pictures are mine except for the Tea Tree Set (official product photo of TBS). Please do not use the snaps – as I know they’re not that “usable” too. =)


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