Seven Popular 2012 Planners for Every Personality!

Get Yourself Ready for Next Year – Get a 2012 Planner!

The last of the twelve months isn’t just the celebration of the Yuletide season. For busy people, December is also the time to scout for fresh and innovative planners to keep them company the following year.

I’m not really a very busy person anymore (after graduation) but the habit of organizing and planning my day is still surprisingly stuck in my system. Even if I can just laze around, I still do think that I need to jot down my to-do list for that day (including lazing around). OC much?

Anyway, I do believe that planners are really handy and helpful objects to keep around. They remind us of things to do, delegate, or follow-up. They keep us updated of what day it is, since we sometimes do forget and say “What? Friday na pala? Bilis ah!” And most importantly, planners do help us keep our whole life well-pulled together even if our ropes are not that strong and we do shake-up sometimes.

If you are on the lookout for the perfect planner that best suits your personality, work attitude, and lifestyle, perhaps you’d benefit from the following list I’ve generated:

Take Your Pick from these 2012 Planners

Starbucks Planner

Perfect for: Caffeine Addicts

Coffee Lovers get the chance to own a limited edition Starbucks  planner as a gift for completing a sticker collection. You can choose 2 options for your quest. In option 1, you need to gather 9 stickers by buying any Starbucks Holiday Featured Beverage and another 8 stickers of any core beverage. In option 2, you need to gather 23 stickers which equates to buying 23 core beverages. I’m not really a regular at Starbucks and I roughly have 2 stickers in my collection. Being a sticker collector is really the last of my priorities, and drinking coffee is even not on my list. Unless you’re really an avid coffee addict, mark X beside this planner on your Christmas must-haves.

2012 planner

Made of wood in 5 colors (Bamboo, Poplar, Cherry, Spruce and Oak), Starbucks Planners are so much unique – but they’re hard to catch!

Don’t ever bother doing the math, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll spend a lot on this planner if you’re going to buy coffee just to have it. Good news though, if you’re really jonesing for this book, you can buy them at about 1,000 – 2,000 Php. Check out and go the easy way.

Belle de Jour Power Planner

Perfect for: The modern IT girl

I can’t stress any further how much I love and adore the BDJ Planner – it’s pretty obvious in my posts. BDJ Planners are in favor with females though. But don’t worry boys, you also have your Navi planners. If you’re a sophisticated gal living and breathing in the jungles of the metro, BDJ will be your trusty compass to help you navigate your way smoothly towards success this 2012!

2012 Planners

Belle de Jour, 598 Php

Navi 2012

Perfect for: Male Travelers

The male counterpart of the BDJ Planner. Navi is the perfect planner for globe-trotters and vacation magnets. It’s also jampacked with coupons and tools that’ll help you reach your dreams!

2012 planners

Navi 2012, 520 Php

 Awesome Planner

Perfect for: Food Lovers

2012 planners

Awesome Planner, 588 Php

 If you love to go food trippin’ – then you should dig this Awesome Planner made by the creators of Our Awesome Planet. This book is specially designed to whet your appetite and let you taste the delicacies of the best restaurants, bars, and even fiestas in the Philippines. Indeed, this planner is for certified foodies! Find out how you can grab this one.

Paulo Coelho Moments Agenda 2012

Perfect for: Deep Thinkers

2012 planners

Paolo Coelho Moments Agenda 2012, 495 Php

When I first saw this planner at National Bookstore, I automatically found myself torn between BDJ and this. I’m one of Paulo Coelho’s admirers and this planner will really keep me boosted with inspirational quotes from him. The book’s also filled with great artworks from Catalina Estrada (a Colombian Artist). So why did I opt for the BDJ planner and not this? I felt the kind of paper that was used on this planner and it’s really silky! I’m not used to writing on that. If I bought this planner, I wouldn’t really use it because I’ll be too scared to ruin its “cuteness” by my sloppy handwriting.

Filed 2012

Perfect for: College students

2012 Planner

Filed 2012, 545 Php

What rock was I hiding under? I never knew this planner existed! Okay, so now that I’ve met this, what are my thoughts about it? First, I find the cover a perfect camouflage of a notebook. It’s neither too bulky or anything, you can stash it effortlessly inside your bag or just carry it in style. Second, the wacky doodles inside the planner are so twee! Too bad, I’m over my college days already! Third, the planner comes with a Pen Bandolier – no more missing pens! Students will really like the monthly layout, the expense tracker (where they can keep track of their allowance budget) and the doodle page (perfect when you’re bored) of this planner. I so wish I’ve known about this when I was in college! Anyway, you can catch FILED at their website or like them on Facebook for a more detailed introduction.

Moleskine 2012 Planner/ Daily Diary

Perfect for: Executives/Journalists

2012 planners

Check out Moleskine

The over-all look and feel of this Moleskine planner speaks of serious professionals. If you have that boss who doesn’t have a planner yet, or a friend who’s  into mulling over the complexities of life – this planner is the perfect choice. The simple yet classic design of the book leaves little to the eyes, but more to the imagination.

More 2012 Planners

Can’t seem to find  a planner for your personality? Here’s a random list of less popular planners – check out the links please.

Get Organized: Over 20 Planners and Organizers for 2012

9 Planners To Guide You Through A Fantastic 2012

Happy 2012 Planner Searching!



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