A Lacy Day

While the whole world of Showbiz is feasting over the controversial break-up of KC and Piolo (read Boy Abunda’s interview with KC here), I was busy scouring the net for lace prints and lacy stuff to satisfy my girly cravings. Among all the feminine stuff I love such as ribbons, ruffles and the like – laces top my list! I must say, laces are fashion basics; from tops, to pants, to nails arts and shoes, there’s no denying that lacy designs create an instant touch of femininity in almost anything.

Feminine Tops



If you wanna go girly without putting so much effort, go for lacy tops and pair it with plain pants or skirts to balance the outfit. This cute top above is so simple yet it’s very charming. I’d wear this during a date! The one below is definitely a classic – it’s so elegant and so feminine yet it isn’t over the top. You can pair it with jeans and hills to pull out a girly-rugged look.


Forever 21

Above cardigan definitely looks good on top of a black plain spaghetti strap.

Fashion Shoes

I don’t personally dig the color purple, yet won’t you agree if I say that these pair of Air Life shoes from Nike will keep your feet feeling girly while on the go? I love the “3D effect” of the lace on this one. Wanna grab it, yet I’d go with pink and black though.

Wedding Gowns


Even vampires will love this dress on you.

Does this wedding gown look anything familiar to you? If you watched the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn installment, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) dons this  simple yet ultra-elegant dress while nervously walking down the garden aisle. Designed by Carolina Herrera, replicas of Bella’s gown are sold at about $799.

Earrings and Bib Necklaces


One-of-a-kind earrings


Perfect for plain tops

If you wanna enjoy wearing these two accessories above, the Green Eyed Monster will teach you how to make them yourself!

DIY Bracelets

I made this one!

I’m proud to say that I made this bracelet out of lace! This will be my featured craft on Thursday!



Okay, so this chic lace nail art just blew me away! I can’t help but admire the nail design and wish that I can make one too!

Laces aren’t just for curtains, tabletops, wedding gowns, lingerie, and back to basic fashion pieces – in time, it has evolved to fit the preference of the modern generation too. Almost anything right now can be “lacy-fied” in a snap. There is no exact detail of how lace came into this world. History tells that this kind of fabric came into being in the early sixteenth century in England.  Anyway, whoever made this romantic thing up, I’m so much thankful – and I know you are too!

Note: I don’t own the pictures posted here, except for one. I linked all images to their respective sites.


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