Belle de Jour’s Monthly Tools Quick View

There are plenty of good things to look forward to in the 2012 Belle de Jour Power Planner – one of which is the compilation of monthly tools you can use to make yourself extra-productive.

The Monthly Tools you’ll find in the planner are the following:

  • Important Events
  • Professional Priorities and Personal Priorities
  • This Month’s list of
  • This month, I will
  • Good Deeds
  • Monthly Productivity Tips
  • Monthly Divider Lifestyle Articles

On the other hand, here’s a quick preview of the Monthly Divider Lifestyle Articles:

belle de jour monthly

January: Make Room for More Happiness Productivity Tip: How to Start

belle de jour monthly

February: Show Off Your Saccharine Side Productivity Tip: Be What You Do

belle de jour monthly

March: Empowered Bella Playlist Productivity Tip: Own One Thing

belle de jour monthly

April: We ♥ Pinas -Mapping Out the Country's Best Destinations; Productivity Tip: Create Time

belle de jour monthly

June: Shifting Your Career Gear; Productivity Tip: Halt the Hurry

belle de jour monthly

July: Global Staples; Productivity Tip: Perfect A Profound Workday

belle de jour monthly

August: The Quest for Organic Beauty; Productivity Tip: Email Effectively

belle de jour monthly

September: Your Online Pro Profile; Productivity Tip: Mind Your Manners Online

belle de jour monthly

October: The Art of Thrifting; Productivity Tip: How to Decide Effortlessly

belle de jour monthly

November: The Power of Your Hands; Productivity Tip: Move with Momentum

belle de jour monthly

December: Get Ready to Fly High & Party; Productivity Tip: How to Finish

As you can see, in each month, there’s a special topic that you can read about. Plus, there are twelve productivity tips or challenges that you can perform – do you think you can do all of those? We’ll find out next year!

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Note: I own all the pictures posted here. You can grab ’em if you want, but do direct the links to me. Photos were taken via iPhone, sorry if they are a bit fuzzy. I wasn’t paid by BDJ to make this post. 


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