Belle de Jour Forget-Me-Not Notebooks

Actually, there are four BDJ Forget-Me-Not notebooks available. However, I only ordered three – the blue one, the pink and the purple. The green one is what I missed. The Belle de Jour Forget-Me-Not notebooks are ultra mini-planners that you can use and carry conveniently. As I’ve said, it comes in four colors, each with a different design and function. See the following:

Blue – BDJ Chronicles

The BDJ FMN Chronicles notebook will help you keep track of your major projects. It’ll really come in handy if you want to always have a glance at the tasks that you should follow-up and delegate.

IMG_0378 IMG_0379

Pink – BDJ Essentials

This notebook houses the tools you need to keep yourself updated of important events, projects, and lists. It has blank pages where you can jot down anything, a “new contacts” list, and emergency business cards perfect for those special cases.

…every woman is beautiful because she is both steel and cotton candy and everything in between…


Purple – BDJ Favorites

True to its name, this FMN notebook is my favorite of all! Why? It’s Bella’s best companion in every gift-giving situation. You can make use of its birthday list, gift-giving guide and address book features to remind yourself when is the natal day of who, decide which gift to give to whatchamacallit and take note of addresses,respectively . This will really come in handy whenever the Christmas season comes or when someone’s birthday is approaching. Having this notebook will save me a lot of brainstorming in finding gifts for my friends and loved ones.


Green – BDJ Basics

As I’ve said, I don’t have this one, but based on what I’ve nosed around, this notebook has a monthly calendar where you can easily write important events.

belle de jour

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What I Think

Truth be told, I only really like one out of the four notebooks (i.e. BDJ Favorites). I think that the other notebooks’ features can be incorporated into the power planner itself. In addition, I’m not into the size of the notebook. In fact, I like the 2009 “Forget-Me-Not” notebook’s size better – the one in pink and is half-smaller than these ones. It’s a lot more handy.

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Note: I own all the pictures posted here unless otherwise specified. You can grab ’em if you want, but do direct the links to me. Photos were taken via iPhone, sorry if they are a bit fuzzy. I wasn’t paid by BDJ to make this post. 



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