BDJ’s Weekly Layout Features

Five days of work and two days of fun best describes the weekly schedule of an average working Bella. However, with the BDJ Power Planner around, those five working days will be used productively and those two days of fun and gimmicks will be a blast! If you’re curious of how this planner can transform your average weekly schedule, refer to the image below!

belle de jour

Weekly Layout Features of BDJ 2012

I really like the Weekly Affirmations feature, these are sets of quotes which are empowering and very much inspiring it’ll never leave room for negative thoughts on your mind. I also like the “I’m grateful for” box at the right lower part, it’ll definitely make you feel so blessed every week.

Now that you’ve had a quick glance of next year’s BDJ Weekly Features, I know you’re so much excited to make 2012 another productive year!

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Note: I own all the pictures posted here. You can grab ’em if you want, but do direct the links to me. Photos were taken via iPhone, sorry if they are a bit fuzzy. I wasn’t paid by BDJ to make this post. 



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