BDJ Lifestyle Card

Aside from those awesome coupons, the BDJ Lifestyle Card is another powerful item which you should add to your “It Girl” arsenal. The card’s really stylish, you’ll definitely be proud to stash it inside your purse and strut it proudly in every opportunity you get.

Image via *PS: Don't worry, there's no "wardrobe mishap" in the real card! =) Be sure to discreetly tell Bella on this one!

The BDJ Lifestyle Card is a complementary item to the BDJ Planner and it’s different from the coupons. It serves as a membership card – allowing every Bella access to BDJ’s future events. In addition, this card can be used to avail of discounts and promos from the different establishments in partnership with BDJ.

If you ordered the BDJ planner online, this card is already attached inside and it has already been activated. On the other hand, if you purchased the planner from BDJ events and bazaars, you’ll need to contact BDJ, have it shipped (free), and activate it online. The BDJ Lifestyle Card is different from the coupons. In fact, you cannot use both in one transaction.

To know more about the BDJ Lifestyle Card, you can check

belle de jour

2012 BDJ Lifestyle Card Mechanics *Image via

Do you want a BDJ Lifestyle Card for Free?

I’m giving away a 2012 Belle de Jour Power Planner! You can join my contest! I’ve ordered the planner online and it means you’ll get the BDJ card too and it has already been activated!

See my contest details > Chopstick Lady’s Belle de Jour Power Planner 2012 Birthday Giveaway!

Note: I do not own the images posted here. I’ve linked all images to the website. 



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