BDJ Coupons Galore

Even if group buying sites are popular nowadays, there’s no easy way to get a coupon than the one being offered by Belle de Jour! With over 20,000 Php worth of coupons free per planner, who could resist the urge to shop, dine, relax and have fun the Belle de Jour way?

Coupon Tracker

One of the special pages  that I really like in this planner is the Coupon Tracker. I will definitely use it to keep myself updated of the available coupons I can use each month.


Semi-transparent Coupon Holders

Look what I found inside the planner, coupon holders! These will really come in handy whenever I want to bring coupons along!


Use Your Coupons!

Don’t you know that if you maximize the use of your coupons, you can get your 2013 BDJ Planner for free? Yep, you read that right! If you can use all the 80 coupons by September 30, you get 2 free planners plus a special gift! Don’t think you can make it on time? Don’t you worry! If you’ve accumulated below 80 coupons by Sept. 30, you can redeem the following:

  • 50 coupons = 2 free planners
  • 40 coupons = 1 free planner
  • 35 coupons = 20% off
  • 30 coupons = 10% off

What’s in the Bag for 2012?

If you’re über curious about the different coupons hiding inside the 2012 BDJ Planner, here’s your chance to take a peek! I’m going to upload all the coupons! Errrh, just pardon the quality – iphone isn’t really that perfect.


Online Store Coupons

Are you an avid online shopper? This is good news – you can now avail of discounts from your favorite online stores!


Lifestyle Directory

Take your pick from these cool partner establishments of BDJ!


You can have these coupons for free!

Join my contest and win these coupons along with the BDJ Power Planner.

See my contest details > Chopstick Lady’s Belle de Jour Power Planner 2012 Birthday Giveaway!

Note: I own all the pictures posted here. You can grab ’em if you want, but do direct the links to me. Photos were taken via iPhone, sorry if they are a bit fuzzy. I wasn’t paid by BDJ to make this post. 


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