BDJ 2012 Book and Double-Wire Comparison and Contrast

First of all, I’d like to make it clear what I’m going to do with these two versions of the 2012 Belle de Jour Power Planner – one which was book-bound and another which was compiled using double-wire or “spring.” In an simplified way, I see the book-bound version as the composite notebooks I used during elementary days while the double-wire version as the spring notebooks I used during high school.

So what I will do is to compare and contrast these two forms. To compare is to site their similarities and to contrast is to site their differences. First of all, let’s take a look at their similarities:


  • Obviously, the front drawing or image is similar.There’s that cute girl (Bella) in a pink dress and polka dot black hills who’s as if she’s dancing though her feet are crossed. She’s dancing to what tune? I have no idea. But if you are to ask me I’d say it’s a romantic song. I love the travel trunk complete with stickers from different places. The Eiffel Tower looks really amazing (and it’s another reason why I think the song’s from a romantic genre). For some time I found it weird that Bella is wearing a cocktail dress though the theme is about travel. Isn’t she supposed to wear comfortable clothes? But then, I’ve realized that traveling doesn’t equate to the wearing of flat boots, plain shirts, and capri pants nor the bringing of a large bulky backpack. It took a while before it dawned on me that you can indeed travel in style! Oh! That was an eye-opener.

    belle de jour


  • They’re both hard-bound.
  • Both have secret pockets at the back! I like this additional feature. I can keep all my scratch papers and scribbled notes inside this little pouch!

    belle de jour

    It's a peek-a-boo back pocket!


  • The size factor. In terms of width, the double-wire is much wider. In terms of height, the double wire is slightly longer. However, in terms of thickness, the book version gains the upper-hand.

    belle de jour

    I stacked the book version on top of the spring one and the latter is indeed wider!

belle de jour

On this side, you can't tell which is thicker.


belle de jour

But on this side you can tell which is - the book.

  • Ribbon placements.In the book version, the ribbons are attached at the center while in the spring version the ribbons are tied at the back.
    belle de jour

    Book Version

    belle de jour

    Double-Wire Version

  • Coupons are easy to detach in the spring version.
belle de jour

With just one zip you can instantly detach your coupons!

Which is Better?

For me, both versions are just as sweet and lovely. The subject of which version is better depends upon the personality and the preference of the owner; some prefer the book and others the spring. If you really aren’t sure what to pick, you can ask yourself whether (in school) you like scribbling notes on composition notebooks or the spring ones.

Who wants to own a Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner – double-wire?

I’m sorry, I love writing in composition notebooks so the book-bound version stays with me. But, for those who are into springs: you can win my BDJ giveaway!

See my contest details > Chopstick Lady’s Belle de Jour Power Planner 2012 Birthday Giveaway!

Note: I own all the pictures posted here. You can grab ’em if you want, but do direct the links to me. Photos were taken via iPhone, sorry if they are a bit fuzzy. I wasn’t paid by BDJ to make this post. 


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