The Real Bumps of Hyperkeratosis Pilaris

I am deeply sorry for missing yesterday’s post about health. I’ve got a lot of things to attend to that I barely had the time to write my draft and publish a post for Friday’s health topic. Anyway, I’d like to compensate for my deficit by giving a post about hyperkeratosis pilaris – a condition that’s common to our skin but not to our ears.

What is Hyperkeratosis Pilaris?

As I’ve said, HP is a common skin condition, but the term is not that familiar to our ears because people usually refer to it as “chicken skin” and only dermatologists or a few people knows it by its medical term. Hyperkatosis is the keratinization of the follicles of the hair. It is a genetic disorder manifesting as small and rough folliculocentric keratotic papules or skin bumps. It greatly resembles the skin’s appearance whenever you get goosebumps.

hyperkeratosis pilaris

Click the link to know more about Hyperkeratosis Pilaris. Image from skincare4uonline.

HP affects 40% of the adult population while 50-80% of adolescents cry for help regarding this condition. Body areas that are usually affected by HP are the thighs, outer upper arms, and the back. Medically, this condition is really harmless. However, it does look unappealing.

Truth be told, I fall under the 40% who unluckily suffers from HP. And yes, I do agree that this is due to genetics since some of my cousins and all of my brothers also have the same condition. Lucky for me though, the small bumps are thinly spread and it’s not extending to the exposed parts of my body (such as the arms).

If you do suffer from the same skin problem, don’t worry – Hyperkeratosis Pilaris can be dealt with easily. Although you cannot completely turn away from the gene, you can find ways to manage its exacerbations and improve your skin’s appearance.

Treatment for Hyperkeratosis Pilaris

Managing Hyperkeratosis pilaris depends on the severity of the skin condition. For the extremely severe  types, very potent medications are usually prescribed. However, for the lesser evils, some OTC creams and lotions will do the trick.

Products containing lactic acid and those which are high in urea are the ones usually prescribed for mild to moderate types of HP. In addition, keeping the skin away from dryness is necessary so using plain moisturizers like Cetaphil and Dove is a wise choice.

As to my experience, my derma suggested that I use Neostrata Lotion. It’s a skin product specially made to combat Hyperkeratosis Pilaris. However, this option comes with a hefty price tag and Neostrata isn’t readily available in department stores and pharmacies! Eventually, I settled for the cheaper alternative and went for Nivea’s Baby Milk Wash. I use it whenever I take a bath. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and so far my skin’s appearance has slightly improved.

hyperkeratosis pilaris

Nivea Baby Milk Wash – great for HP if you’re saving.

If after weeks of using the Nivea Baby and I’m not yet satisfied with the results. Maybe I’d really dig the heavy-duty Neostrata Lotion even if it’ll empty my pocket. I’ll do a follow up post about this in the future, reviewing the said products. As of now, I’ll try my luck!

hyperkeratosis pilaris

Neostrata Lotion

Hyperkertosis Pilaris is not a serious condition, but it sure is a thumbs-down having chicken-skin on your body parts. Deal with it now, say goodbye to Hyperkeratosis Pilaris and enjoy a flawless you!

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  2. Hi! Neostrata is now available in the Philippines and DMark is the authorized distributor. If you would like to purchase it, you may contact us through 244 6992/ 242 4242

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