Gift Wraps Out of Recycled Paper

The cry of nature is getting louder and louder – “Save more paper.” But with the Christmas gift-giving season following shortly, this request might not be granted fully. Gift wrappers and expensive gift bags will again overload our trash bins and garbage disposals. As a child of the Earth, what will you do to help? Simple, UPCYCLE gift wraps.


Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

The first recorded use of the term upcycling was by Reiner Pilz of Pilz GmbH in an interview by Thornton Kay of Salvo in 1994.


In my own version, upcycling is an upgraded version of recycling. It’s when you recycle things and transform them into better forms than what they were previously. It’s just simply breathing new life to a piece of “useful” junk.

Upcycled Gift Ideas

I’ve cumulated the following upcycled gift packagings from various blogs. I hope you do find time to check out each one of them and do your own versions!

Spotted at Green Life Girl. Click to view how to make this ribbon!

gifts wraps

Spotted at craftzine

Spotted at love2upcycle

Indeed, celebrating Christmas while saving Mother Earth hasn’t been this fulfilling! Go get your creative juices flowing and make your own Christmas wraps! Doing so won’t only personalize your gift, it will also add a flair of sincerity and ingenuity to your present!

Note: I don’t personally own these pictures. All images were linked to their respective sites. 



  1. Wow! Thanks for featuring my Not your Mother’s Upcycled Giftbox! It was a treat to see it “out there” in blogland!

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