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Hello Readers!

I got so much guilty because I missed one day of posting on my blog! Oh no! I just lifted the white banner for my NaBloPoMo challenge. I’m really at fault of why I wasn’t able to post yesterday. I’ve got a swarm of ideas to blog about but I just don’t know what topic to tackle first! And since my blog is a mash-up of different topics, I really find it hard to balance everything out. Like usually, I post more about fashion or beauty and leave my books category empty-handed. Anyway, to keep my blog rolling in perfect shape. I’ve decided to have a schedule of my posts. Here it goes:

Make-up Monday

I will post all topics regarding make-ups, beauty, and fashion every first day of the work week! By the way, my posts in this categories targets those who doesn’t know how to apply make-up, or those who are still discovering how to (since I am in this stage too).

Terrible Tuesday

Why terrible? Tuesday I’m going to talk about how to get rid of terrible things lurking inside your house – germs! I’m also going to punch in topics about organizing your stuffs – and your life, too.

Nerdy Wednesday

Forgive the lame label. I know books aren’t just for nerds. Expect a bookish me every Wednesday. I might not be able to post a review for a certain book every Wednesday but I’ll see to it that I’ll speak my heart out about anything regarding words for you to devour on that day.

Tinsel Thursday

Yup, you’ll be blinded by the brightness of Thursday’s entries as we’re going to do our own decorations, glitter shoes, accessories, dresses, and the likes. On this day, I will feature a Do-it-Yourself craft made by me of by other bloggers.

Healthy Friday

I’ll kick out the start of the week-end with precious entries regarding health. Topics shall include everything under the sunny-gloomy umbrella of medicine (includes nursing too).

Anything Goes for Saturday and Sunday

For these two days, I’m gonna blab about anything I think is worth the space on this blog.

That’s it. I’ve rounded up the schedule. I hope you’ll be excited for my articles! I’ll sure do try my best to keep up with this self-imposed sched I have.




  1. boysanib

    realllyyyyyy….. 😐

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