Boxed Out: Taking Advantage of the Cube to Organize

Keeping your things organized and properly sorted out is a piece of cake if you know how to make use of the most functional organizers in the whole world – boxes. From matchbox-sized ones up to giant “balik-bayan” versions, boxes of all sizes provide the most convenient place for you to stash both your important and unimportant things away from plain sight but safe in storage.

If you do think you’re scoring low in the “organized” meter, then grabbing boxes can be your ultimate power-ups. Boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles. Today, we’ll check out bins that are excellent content-holders for your everyday stuff.

Multi-functional Storage Boxes

A box of joy for every Filipino family

Storage boxes often come in medium and big sizes as these are designed to contain things in large amount. The typical balikbayan boxes proudly dragged by OFWs upon arriving at the airport or those seen neatly placed in “ukay-ukay” stores are perfect examples of storage boxes. You can stash anything into this container – clothes, shoes, bags, and even documents. However, it’s not advisable to use storage boxes made out of carton for file-keeping since carton is a material weak against water and “insects.”

Plastic storage boxes give excellent protection

Using plastic storage boxes is a much better alternative if you are planning to store away important documents or items since the material is water-resistant and “insect-proof.” However, do consider using recyclable materials for the environment’s sake.

Update: Foldable storage boxes are now available. These cubes can be folded if not used, saving you space!

Shoe Boxes

Small items, gadgets and accessories can be easily stored up in shoe boxes made of plastic or carton. Transparent plastic shoe boxes are often available in department stores and these look very neat and presentable. You can stack multiple shoe boxes on top of each other to make your room well-organized.

Transparent shoe boxes are perfect bins for your accessories and gadgets

Office Boxes

Office boxes are ideal for storing files, documents, and other legal papers. You can spot one in corporate offices placed either on top of desks or beside the computer. Office boxes also come in different styles. Some are big and sturdy enough to carry piles of documents. Others are designed to just cater to a few folders and files. What really sets apart office boxes from the rest is that these file-containers often come with labels and they look really presentable and formal.

Photo and CD boxes

Now your favorite memories and priceless CDs can be stashed away safely with the use of photo and CD boxes, respectively. If you’re tired of using albums and CD racks, you should definitely make that switch.

Other storage bins

Who says that getting organized is boring? Boxes and containers also got a lot of style. In fact, some boxes are used as part of a room’s interior design. If you want more interesting boxes, there are plenty  available online, in home depots, and department stores. You can browse through lifestyle magazines and home improvement brochures to get ideas of how you can maximize the use of boxes as additional decorations in a room.


So, you need to get organized? Box Out!

Note: I don’t own the pictures of boxes in this post. I linked all images to their respective sites. 



  1. Jan

    Oh, some of those boxes are just gorgeous! Now I want to go out and buy them all.

    • Wow! Are you Jan Ackerson of “One Hundred Words?” I can’t believe you visited my blog!!! =) I usually check out your blog and read those one-hundred word posts! =) FYI your blog was featured in a magazine here in the Philippines. Well, what can I say? I’m honored!

      Btw, about your comment – yeah! Boxes come in different styles too! I’m planning to invest in good designs for my room. But if creativity hits me I might make them myself.

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