Gift Ideas for Someone Who has Everything

I Smell the Month of Merry-Making. . .

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Every time the Yuletide season comes near, I really can’t help but mute-sing this Christmas Song in my head – Christmas in Our Hearts by Jose Marie Chan. Its tune just gives me the perfect air of the season every time I hear it. In fact, it’s so inspiring some of its lyrics are the perfect opening for this blog entry.

“Whenever I see boys and girls selling lanterns on the street… I remember the child… In the manger as he sleeps…Whenever I see people giving gifts… Exchanging cards…I believe that Christmas is truly in their hearts…”

Caught yah! You sang that, did you? Anyway, let’s get down to business and talk about gift-giving – that simple gesture of extending love and care to another being through tangible things. Oh! I’m sorry, did I say simple gesture? Some of you might disagree.

 Behind Every Gift

Gift giving is no way simple and easy, it only looks like “simple and easy” because the act consists of merely handing over a wrapped gift or paper bag. Yet behind that simple “handing over ceremony” are sleepless nights, endless brainstorming sessions, and a poorer wallet on the part of the giver (if he or she is that sincere).

On the positive side though, most of the time gift-giving isn’t really downright difficult. You can always give gifts based on the personality of the receiver. You can also peep through his or her “wishlist” or ask his or her friends for ideas. And when all else fails, you can always resort to the “generic category” – wines, cookies, and the NOTORIOUS, NEVER-ENDING scented candles.

Christmas gifts.

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However, there are really gift-giving situations which call forth a lot of guts and creativity – such as when you are to give something to someone who has everything. Sure, generic finds will suffice. However, unless you want to be labeled a “Grinch-follower” or “effortless Scrooge,” finding a sincere gift for that difficult recipient still matters.

 Unique, Crazy, or DIY Gifts

When it comes to difficult gift-giving cases, I name three things which never fail – always find something unique, personalized or hand-made (by you or someone else). I choose handmade above all else.

Anyway, here are gift ideas I’ve compiled for those who are on the look-out for special things perfect for people who almost have everything.


Tap on your creative side; cumulate pictures, knick-knacks, designs, and whatnots then transform these into a cool scrapbook! You can dedicate the book to your travels together, (mis)adventures, and slumber parties. If you’re thinking of a good theme, anything will do – but finding inspiration from scrap-booking sites is not a bad idea.


Spotted at

Compile a CD

Spindle with writable CDs.

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Although digitally speaking, CDs are not that popular now as before, it can still be transformed into something unique. How? Through its contents. Burn a CD full of your receiver’s favorite songs. If you wanna add more fun to it, you can take some funny videos with him/her and make a flick.

Photo Album with a Twist

Right now, printed photo albums (also called as photo books) are popular; perhaps because these are so personalized and visually attractive. You can order one from a printing store or online and choose from different album themes and designs. If you’re sick of albums, picture calendars are doable.



Getting crafty with your gift is going the extra mile. Handmade pieces always exude a sense of sincerity, hardwork, and creativity when given as a present. I’m sure if you give something as special as your own sweat and blood to someone, he or she will truly love and KEEP it (unless you did what I said literally).


Make your own soap!

Sew Clothes

If needles are your friends, then sewing something up must be a no-brainer for you. Surprise your friends or loved ones by sewing clothes for them! How can you get their sizes? Being resourceful is key. You can ask someone (like a close friend, family, or his/her tailor) for their measurements. Better yet, secretly steal an apparel from their closet! (Yet be sure to bring it back and divulge the whole story after the hand-over).


Bake an Awesome Cake

Cakes have evolved nowadays from being simply an object of appetite into an object of design. If you’re a baking pro then whip up a cupcake or cake with designs that reflect the personality of your friend or loved one. For non-experts, there are always trusty bakers available.


Order cupcakes! 490 Php/dozen

Go ballistic by baking a playable Angry Bird cake! Click image to see how.

Punch in Some Personality


Giving a customized gift is always something out of the ordinary. Just think of what your friend, lover, or loved one’s face will look like after seeing his or her sweet name in an item matching his or her personality. You’ve got an unending list of possible items which can be personalized – from bag holders, to key chains, t-shirts, keepsakes, notebooks, and even undies! If you don’t want to do the items yourself, gift stores are there to the rescue.

Christmas carol singing in Jèrriais

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There are still a lot of unique, personalized, and handmade gift-giving ideas available for you to explore and try.However, do remember that the true spirit of Christmas isn’t just about buying expensive presents or giving the most unique ones. The true meaning of sharing is giving with ALL YOUR HEART – no guilty feelings. Plus, if that person you ought to give a present to really does have everything already, you can always turn to intangible things. Besides, real happiness comes without a price tag.

Happy gift-searching this December!

Note: I do not own the pictures posted. All images link to their respective sites. In addition, I was not paid to feature these sites. 



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