Between Guest Blogging and Selling Articles

What transpired today is nothing out of the ordinary.

First hour after waking up, I already tired my digits and twisted my brain when I attempted to transfer my Chopstick Lady WP blog to Blogger in which I eventually failed and so I just decided to stay in the “blue and white” land of WordPress and said a faint goodbye to my dreams. Phew.


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Throughout the day, I lingered in front of the computer screen (which by the way, is giving me dry eyes right now) and munched my way through sites, blogs, more sites, and a couple of games here and there. So far, I’d still call this a day – although I don’t consider myself as being very much productive. Good thing, I’m not going to miss today’s post for my NaBloPoMo challenge.


If I wasn’t really such a slob at times, I know I could have finished a lot of deadlines and even had spare time for my favorite game (Cityville). However, laziness knock on me this day and so I’ve just finished quite a few things – mostly unimportant ones.

At least, I was able to give my Blogger aspiration a shot, edited some of my blog posts, made profiles for StumbleUpon (yet to be updated), Digg, My Blog Guest and GhostBloggers, tweeted, “facebooked” and just explored the world wide web for some juicy stuffs.

So what really happened between guest blogging and selling articles?

I’ve learned a few things.

  1. That I can invite someone via to post on my blog and lessen my guilt if ever I can’t write for a day (evil grin)
  2. That you can earn extra-money online by selling your articles (if you’re a writer) in
  3. I’ve discovered that the quote – “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” was said by Ryunosuke Satoro (though I have not the slightest idea who he is, check out the link).

Seriously, I think I need a daily dose of Vitamin Inspiration.


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