One Year Free Web-hosting Giveaway!

Free…Free?Ahh, Free!

Does Gellie of the “So Gelleesh” blog possess ESP powers? How did she know I neeeeeed to have a web-hosting site for this (Chopstick Lady) blog I’ve just recently given birth to? Yeah, I know you’re thinking the same thing too! Apparently, I think I’m not the one who needs such free service – that’s why I’m sharing the scoop!

So Gelleesh = So Genuine

“So Gelleesh” is one of the blogs that I follow. I like the theme of the blog (beauty and fashion), the simple words that the author uses for her posts, and the fluent and non-exaggerated flow of her style ideas. In other words, I find So Gelleesh a blog that reflects everyday life – the typical events that occur in the life of a NORMAL individual fashionista. I find her blog so true to her personality because Gellie is so bold and straightforward when it comes to her fashion preference. You better check her out.

Free Web Hosting Giveaway

Okay, ’nuff for the praises. Gellie might think I’m giving praises to enhance my winning chances (duh, as if it’ll help?Winners win by random). Anyway, I’ll write more about So Gelleesh in my future BOTW (Blog of the Week) posts so you can wait for that. As of this time I want you all to focus on her blog giveaway – a free web-hosting for one whole year!

Click image for contest details

Yes, you read it right. That’ll be a for the next 365 days. Isn’t that lovely, bloggers/blogger-wannabes (like me)??? If you’re interested in joining this giveaway contest, then don’t laze around! Free gifts don’t just fall from the sky! Exercise your digits and find your way through So Gelleesh‘s blog.

 I joined too. Goodluck!



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  3. Good luck! I hope you win. 🙂

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