BOTW: Budget Fashionista

BOTW = Blog of the Week

Hello, friends! Meet The Budget Fashionista, a beauty and fashion site that can instantly become your bestfriend!

The Budget Fashionista

Owner: Kathryn Finney

I came across this site when I was scouting for resources for one of my cosmetic entries, the “Yes Girl, Make-ups Expire.” Although the site’s over-all appearance and format is simple (just a white background and sporadic pictures), my peepers instantly gave it attention because it looks very classy. I think that The Budget Fashionista is a rather gigantic girl-site already (it has a book, by the way) – and so I won’t be surprised why this online space is so well-pulled together.

Why you must visit it:

  • Budget Fashionista will teach you how to become beautiful while keeping your wallet intact
  • It is a one-stop place for all things you need to know regarding beauty, fashion, shopping, steals, and deals
  • You’ll get the latest scoop about celebrity fashion styles
  • It provides heavenly tips for clueless femmes about using make-up and creating a look
  • You’ll be updated about fashion trends – what’s hot, and what’s not!
  • The page is clean, there aren’t too many (or humongous) ads grazing the whole screen
  • It shouts girl power!

The Drawbacks:

  • Deals posted are only for US-based consumers (sigh)
  • It caters more to mature young/old adults – young teens can’t relate to some posts that much

Most favorite category: Celebrity Look for Less

chopstick lady blog of the week

Least favorite category: Online Sample Sales

(because I can’t avail of it)

chopstick lady blog of the week

Chopstick Lady’s Rating: Subscription Magnet

How about you?

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