Why Depression?


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As a nurse, I feel like I have a strong commitment to inform the public about this thing called depression. Although my blog is mostly about girly stuff and the like, I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I butt-in a couple or so articles about “serious health matters” from time to time.

Today, I feel like writing something about depression.

Depression is not just something that you can shrug off. Whether you are aware of it or not, this condition is actually prevalent in your surroundings. You never know, perhaps your family member, friend, or neighbor is already experiencing this (and if they really are, then you must be on your guard since depression can lead to suicide).

So, what’s depression?

Being down and feeling blue at times (especially when something bad just happened) is just normal throughout the life of an individual. Normally, you will just get past that feeling after a week or so. However, if you have depression, your feelings of loneliness and abandonment can extend for up to two weeks or more.

Psychologists diagnose depression according to the symptoms the patient displays which are already manifesting for more than two weeks. These symptoms may be either of the following:

  • disturbed sleep pattern (either you sleep more or sleep less)
  • disturbed eating (either you eat more or eat less)
  • feeling sad
  • anhedonia (you don’t find your usual hobbies or activities pleasurable anymore)
  • Anergia (loss of energy)
  • Physical symptoms like hyperacidity
  • loss of libido
There are a lot more symptoms related to depression, but these things I’ve mentioned are the most common ones.
There are several factors believed to be the causes of depression – it can be severe life changes or experiences, genetics, biological factors (the play of hormones in your body) and sometimes even your lifestyle.

Help someone with depression

If you know someone with this kind of dilemma, don’t hesitate to offer your presence. You don’t have to necessarily give solution to that person’s problems if he or she has one, neither make fun of yourself just to make him or her smile. All you need to do is to be his or her friend during that difficult time. And also, be alert for signs of suicide. If you can, then you may refer your friend to a psychologist – this is perhaps the best way you can be of help.


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