How to Make a Lacy Black Top

Transform a plain, simple black spaghetti

into a lacy classic black top!

Today, I’m feeling a little crafty and so I’ve decided to re-invent my plain, black spaghetti into something elegant and classy – a lacy top! So, are you ready to get creative today? You can do the following invention in just thirty minutes to an hour (even less, if you’re fast)!

Things you’ll need:

Plain black spaghetti top
white thread
lace (about 1.5 to 2 inches wide)
basic sewing skills

Let’s get started!

  • Make a small fold on the top end of the lace. You may iron it out if you want.

small fold on top

  • Sew a loose running stitch over the folded area of the lace. Make a small fold on one end of the lace before you start stitching.

    This is your anchor

Perform a loose (wide-spaced) running stitch

  • After making the running stitch, it’s time to create “the waves” – you can simply push the lace to one end (the one where your anchor is).

Push the lace to one side and you create the waves

  • Once you already have your “wavy lace,” it’s time to transfer it to the top. You should pass the needle and thread from the back of the top to the front and pass it through the “wave” of the lace. See the diagram below.

Take note where the needle should insert

This is how your work should look like

  • You should make sure that you’ve sewn securely the lace to the top. If you’re going to take a peek at the back side of the top, it will look like this:

You can hide the white patches (thread) by using a black marker.

Finished product:


You may also make multiple lace layers! Just follow the same drill.

Adding a second layer

Two-tiered top

If you want, you can go up to three layers! Just don't overdo the ruffles with a fourth one. 😉


Making this lacy top is quite simple and inexpensive too:

Black plain top – around 50 Php (Greenhills or outfit stores)

Lace – 29 Php per meter (department store)

thread, needle, scissors – just borrow your mother’s

basic sewing skills – costs only your time of learning it

Strut your lacy top!

Laces and ruffles always create an impression of girly-ness, elegance, and class in any piece of wardrobe. If you feel like you wanna turn something drab to fab, just get your creative juices flowing!


*Yehay! It’s my first tutorial! Sorry for the blurry snaps, I just used an iphone.



  1. Very cool! I like it and wish I could make one for myself but alas, I lack the sewing skills.

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