Fashion Blog Finds

Today, I did some blog-searching over the net to find inspiration from other bloggers and to just sneak around in their world. I’ve found blogs that are REALLY so fabulous and adorable I couldn’t help but get jealous! If my blog is compared to theirs, mine will be like a tiny seed and theirs will be like a tall, sturdy, tree already!

I’m not really into fashion, but  I really adore these blogs that I came across with.

Camille Tries to Blog

I don’t know if it’s just me or Camille is just one hot Siren blogger!

Camille, owner of Camille Tries to Blog

Her blog is really “high-fashion.” She posts about her latest fash activities and ultra-feminine looks. I’m not really a trend guru but if I can rate her style I’d label it as classy and glamorous. Check out her blog giveaways too – super expensive items! I just sooooo wish my blog can be like hers someday!

Female Network

Female Network, the site for online Filipinas

Actually, Female Network is not just a blog – it is a site sponsored by Summit Media (the leading publisher of popular Philippine magazines). I definitely love this site. It’s very informative, girly, and fun to read! It has categories of almost all things that interest girls like fashion, beauty, relationships, etc. It offers tips from simply taking care of your body to repairing a broken relationship. And what I really adore about this site are the freebies and contests! Seriously, I can spend the whole day reading posts in this online network. If you are a smart gal, then you’d really love this!

I ultimately like one of the site’s posts about single women. You can check out the link and read the post about songs that reveal the power of being single.


Don’t give me that look – I know this one is not a fashion blog, but I just think it deserves to be in my list here today. This blog is all about books. It is owned and managed solely by Blooey Singson , a self-confessed book addict who claims to hoard tons of books wherein she can almost make a house out of it.

Click image to visit the site

I know there are gazillions more blogs out there which are just sitting pretty in the nooks and crannies of the Internet (like what Chopstick Lady is doing). I know I wouldn’t be able to explore everything – but taking a peak from time to time of what bloggers before me are doing with their blog gives me the inspiration to just continue my writing interest.

If you’ve got blogs to share, do give me a quick message!

That’s it – till next blog-spotting!

Note: All pictures used in this post belong to the blog owners. A direct link to their site is available upon clicking the photo.



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