First and Final WP Blog (Or so I thought)

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Note: C’mon, yet another forgotten blog? This is another of my past blogs that I’m now moving in here. Read my words, I just ate them all up! lol

This is it. Yes, precisely the last and final blog that I swore to myself I will ever make – at least until Worpress lasts.

I’ve created two other blogs in WordPress already, and two more from other sites but they were all shaken into nothing because I’m just so downright “slob-ish” to update any of them.

My first blog was supposed to be a guide about “freelance writing” as this happens to be my work. But I was too busy with my freelance work that I couldn’t even give a second of my time to update the poor little, deserted, spacious site.

Secondly, I created another blog entitled “I love Classic Books” dedicated to my love for – I’ve named it – classic books. I promised to myself that I will update it weekly and that I’ll never let it wither unlike the sad predicament that my previous site embraced. Unfortunately, I am one freakish liar to myself and so again my little I-love-classic-books site turned into where’s-your-classic-book site drama.

But then, let bygones be over. Right now, I am quite positive (fingers crossed) that I will stick to my words and dare live up to my promises that this “My Favorites” BLOG will survive – at least even for a year!

So what’s the catch with this site then? I’m planning to make this a bit of a drop box of all my favorite pieces in the world. Perhaps largely about classic books and what I have on my bedside table, a little about the products I use, and a fair amount of what’s on my mind.

I hope this works – because I really love to blog about things but time is one arrogant master, it’s so frugal to me . . . But it seems like I am on the guilty side of things, actually.


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