The Story Behind “My-Then” Blog

Note: This post is from my old blog – iloveclassicbooks. I’m making a move here in my new blog though but I do wish to share this story about why I came up with that blog before.

“Books. . . What for?”

Never will I forget this line from one of our recited poems back in fifth grade – back from the time when the Internet was still flourishing, when our minds are swept by words bound on books and not on mere computer screens, when our eyes get so excited to read another installment of Sweet Valley High and not from some cheap teen-age shows that don’t even add up to one’s vocabulary and back when books have been more essential than reading fashion magazines. Where were those days?

Indeed, my time is through – but the passion that I have for books will always haunt me till this very day.


I am not an avid reader. I must say, that though I love books – I have read roughly just quite a few. But I am a self-confessed classic books fan. I love to read books that lived years before me, thrived centuries ago, and were known to men for ages. I don’t know what mystique lies within these kinds of books – but I must say, that I am clearly smitten.

Favorite Book

Among the classics that I will really love is a book I’ve read in high school written by Harper Lee, and which, by the way, is the only book she’s written; “To Kill A Mocking Bird”. I remember reading it for the sake of passing my book report. But eventually, I’ve realized, that I loved the whole story and writing something about my experience upon reading it was magical. I never really did a book report for the sake of passing my requirements, I made the report because I want to write in words the feelings that I felt after reading the piece – and until now, the report is still with me, and all the preserved feelings are still there kept in each word I’ve written.

To Kill a Mockingbird

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Neglected Passion

Though I love classic books, there came a time when I was too busy — and I never read any book for how many years. . . . Until one day, I came across a book sale.


I searched through piles of books in one of the book sales of a prestigious bookstore here in our country. I found one that caught my attention. I didn’t really paid enough credit for the title, as it says “Don’t Know Much About Literature”. For me it was like, “Yeah, no big deal.” But when I opened the contents, I was automatically caught by it – it’s all about classic books. I checked the price and saw that it costs only P50, maybe roughly 1.19 USD. I bought the book. And started reading it…. Then I realized, I miss reading. And so I kind of made a resolution to myself that I will change my long-forgotten wordpress blog into something useful. . . Something that will make me constantly thrilled to pursue my passion, and here it is. Here I am, determined to write about classic books!


Perhaps one day I might get too busy again that I will fall short of the resolution I’ve made now. Maybe I’ll even find other book “genres” that I will like. . . . But one thing’s for sure – once a classic, will always be a classic. Wink.


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