My Whole Life in Sentences

Right now, I was inspired by WordPress to answer these three questions:












I am actually sleepy already after having finished my previous entry of a thousand words and above. But then, something in these questions really perked me up and gave me an instant boost to make another post.

Hmmmmmm. . . . . Miss Universe-type of questions?

Let’s pretend I am a Miss Universe candidate who should answer the question:

Would you rather have one free trip to space or free international travel for life? . . .

What would my answer be?

Here it goes. . .

I’d rather have  the free international travel for life than the one free trip to space because I believe that the Earth, our home, is such a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing place – and not even a whole lifetime is enough for me to explore it.

(Then. . . . . . . .  I ranked fourth!) – Just kidding! wink

Now here’s the second question:

Cake or Pie?

Cake. There are more cake varieties than pie. Plus, I think it’s more “high-class” to eat cake in a restaurant rather than swallow a big chunk of pie in a picnic.

– And for the one I really like –

Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far.

Okay, this one’s very exciting, but very hard to do. I mean, I’m not even aware what my life was when I was 2 years old! But since this is some sort of a challenge, I’d gladly take it.


  1. My infancy period began on the 21st of November, 1988 and all I did was eat, sleep, poop, and grow up!
  2. I’m not sure of I really know how to distinguish myself from the world during this year.
  3. Fringster starts to say her first word – “Momma, big!”
  4. I started nursery!
  5. Kinder days with my best friend (Conrad) – so memorable!
  6. School, play, eat, sleep – I don’t care what happens to the world!
  7. A year where I’ve found an enemy (I got bullied) but then I also found a bestfriend (Alexis)!
  8. All my days sort-of revolved with school and my crush.
  9.  I was a teacher’s pet, I guess?
  10. Finally, I started being serious with my studies!
  11. Those were 12 months of fun, laughter, acting, and craziness with my Grade 5 classmates!
  12. Being a grade 6 wisdom student – life was a blast.
  13. Saw my first love and became a flirt (lol).
  14. Sophomore days: A mixture of fun and heartaches! =(
  15. It’s the time where I’ve handled a lot of LOVE issues.
  16. This year was where my life as a high school student – in all aspects – was at its fullest (‘Guess highschool never ends!)
  17. I’ve just realized that college is a jungle and even your one true love can leave you.
  18. The year of rest and changes!
  19. I was culture-shocked after transferring to another school but I’ve handled it well as a LADY.
  20. My last year of being a teen (twen-teen…duh!) was spent always daydreaming about my crush (who ignored my existence) while trying to direct my attention to the Nursing topic of my teacher at the same time.
  21. SNA and Nursing were the only two words I know of during this year.
  22. This was the sickest, toughest, most painful year of my life where everything and everyone and every decision I’ve made just never fitted well on the picture – this was when my whole life crumbled but thankfully, it was also brought back to life with by grace of Jesus.
  23. … Still coming up this November 21, 2011 – so far, everything seems to be in place again.

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