Books Aren’t Just for Nerds

Have a craving for words?

Not everyone may be a bookworm, yet it will definitely not hurt if once in a while you drown yourself over literature’s treasures rather than advancing another level on a video game.

Books are very important. Education never existed if it weren’t for the written accounts of great men before us. Civilizations never flourished. Histories would have been forgotten. (Okay, I know you get the point, I don’t have to push it.)

So if it happens that you don’t LIKE books or even reading, it’s about time to think twice. Although you don’t have to make a major major change from who you are to a major major book nerd – you can at least read even just a couple of good books out there.

Printed or not? 

Although technology  has more or less substituted books with kindles and laptops, published contents are classics that couldn’t be replaced no matter what. The advent of kindles nowadays has again revolutionized how people read and appreciate literary works and written contents. Well I don’t have any problem with kindles, it’s just that – I like reading more when I’m holding a book. For me, published materials are still better finds than contents flashed on a screen – plus, I hate getting dry eyes!

Book me up!

Truth be told, I’m not really a book-eater, bookworm, or whatever you call a person who reads a lot he can’t even take a shower; I’m just a person who appreciates reading literary works and books about personality development. If you’re like me, then perhaps you’ll love to browse through my Books Category.

We read to learn. . . So learn to read!


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