Cleaning Up is a Challenge

Tidy Up!

If the dusts have settled in and the bed bugs do bite already, you know it’s time. 

The topmost item I usually have in my “to-do” lists is cleaning my room. the problem is – it’s usually the least that I actually perform. I want to have a clean room, of course – but I just don’t always have the time to do so. Usually, I schedule my “spring cleaning” every month – cleaning all nooks and crannies of my room and making sure that everything is spic and span. Yeah, sounds like I’ve been doing the chores – but I’m not quite satisfied. I mean, I only get to clean my room per month and the thing is – after the BIG clean-up, comes second week and everything’s gone chaos again! Plus, I do admit I get so “lazy” sometimes. cleaning

Over the years, I’ve struggled so much about this issue. During college days, I hardly had enough time to even fix my own dresser! I guess cleaning up is indeed a challenge. It’s a challenge not just because it takes hardwork and effort to sweep, dust and shine the floor but because cleanliness is hard to maintain.On the other hand, though it’s hard to tidy up, I know I should do it not just because I have to but because sleeping and being in a CLEAN and well-maintained room makes me feel organized and calm inside too. I guess being OC sometimes is not bad at all. In fact, when your room looks clean, you feel clean… and when your stuffs are in place – you feel so worry-free!

Successful cleaning

So I finally got the nerve to discipline myself and keep a schedule (and swore I will follow it). You see, cleaning up may be tough, but when you employ the right tactics to keep dirt and dusts at bay, it’s actually not so taxing at all. Here are a few tips which I recommend you do wholeheartedly so that you’ll be proud of your room  – and yourself:

Cleaning tools
  • Make a cleaning schedule and keep it. Be sure to set one day or even half from your schedule only for cleaning your room. For instance, first week of the month, first Sunday, every 21st or every last week of the month. You can also plan your schedule according to your needs and availability. If you have most of the time to yourself, then you can have a more regular schedule. The date actually depends on you  – just don’t make it every Friday the 13th (because you’re too afraid to get off the house) or worse, every New Year. And lastly, do swear to KEEP that schedule.
  • Gather the necessary cleaning supplies before starting the work. Having the right tools in cleaning is very important and gathering them beforehand can save you time and can smoothen your workflow. The most basic tools you’ll need are a clean cloth or feather duster and broom. On the other hand, other useful tools include broomsticks (to get spider webs), cleansers, floor wax, coconut husks (to shine the floor), and vacuum. Also, don’t forget to get some gloves. You wouldn’t want all that dirt to touch your hands, would you?
  • Get your muscles pumped. No, this is not about working out before cleaning (seriously, did you think like that? *peace). Getting your muscles pumped meant that you do the arrangement of your room first. If you plan to move your bed or cabinet into another place then do this task before hitting the clean-up proper. Don’t forget to ask for help if the thing’s too heavy. Remember: “Eat the frog first!” Heavy tasks should be dealt with asap.
  • Start with dusting/wipingoff; after which, you can attack the floor. One of the common mistakes most girls commit in cleaning up is that they start from sweeping the floor and end with dusting off display items, books, and tables. This is definitely a no-no! When cleaning your room, start with the cleanest to the dirtiest; thus, from your items – to your floor. Let’s say you started off with cleaning the floor. When you finally get into dusting, the floor gets dirty again because all the dusts from your figurines, tables, and other items will all slowly fall down on it. Law of gravity, sounds familiar?
  • Organize your stuffs and maintain them that way. While performing the dusting, you can actually arrange your room items the way you wanted it. Be sure to organize your stuffs – books on the shelf, papers inside the drawer, pillows on the bed, put your things in order! In addition, be sure to maintain the organized status of your room for the rest of the month! Place items where you’ve taken them. Return books to the shelves. Sweep the floor everyday.
  • Throw or donate unnecessary items. Yeah, I am guilty of this. As a classic pack-rat, I usually have tons of junk gathering dust inside my room. Projects way back in grade school, test papers piling up, old knick-knacks, and toys I’ve already outgrown – all these things just add up to the clutter of my room! Thankfully, I’ve finally realized that letting go of my old and unneeded stuffs is a must if I really wanted my room to be clutter-free. Note: If you’re really having a hard time giving up those items because you’re looking back at the memories, you can always take a picture! A picture of your 3-foot tall baby doll (with broken limbs and empty eyeballs) is all you need to bring back the old times. Besides, memories last forever. . . Tip: Really can’t just throw it away? Donating is a good option.
  • Develop the Habit.  All of these aforementioned points will serve to be useless if you don’t get into the habit. Discipline is the core ingredient.
Indeed, a tidy room is a place that you’ll look forward to go home to everyday. Your room must be an abode of peace and a hub of your personality – not a sanctuary for dusts and all icky creatures. The more you dedicate yourself in cleaning up your room, the more satisfaction you’ll get in the long run!

For more tips about cleaning, visit – it’s where I usually get my cleaning ideas.

Now get those dusters and brooms working! 

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