Five Must-Carry Things Before Jumping Out

Thought Bubble: Jumping Out?

No, it’s definitely not committing suicide! It’s just about jumping out of your doorstep upon going out of your house = jumping out (what a lame term for me to use!). Anyway, here’s the real post (arrow down please!)

“Where are my keys?”

Have you ever stepped out of your house when you’ve suddenly realized you forgot something? I mean, it could be your keys, your school ID. . . or worse – your ultra-yummy lip-gloss!

Forgetting something is normal. Yet, to forget something, especially if it’s really essential can result to a very bad day + bad mood sometimes. I do always forget things – and it’s annoying. The feeling that you KNOW where you left your phone, money, ID, lip gloss and keys but just FORGOT to grab them before heading off to school is just so MEAN and downright heart-piercing. I always do blame myself and my unreliable memory for these lapses – and I thought to myself that I should do something to stop forgetting things!

And so. . .

I came across an article in a magazine and this helped me a lot in remembering “my essentials” before jumping off my abode. Thanks to Candy magazine, I’ve learned a very simple tip that I will share to you. . . (drum roll please). . .

Heading off somewhere? Don’t forget your PMILK.

Okay, PMILK is not some dirty flirty little acronym for something stupid. This thing actually stands for Phone, Money, ID, Lip gloss and Keys. Very simple to remember, isn’t it?

After I used this little tip, I’ve never had any forget-those-again-and-you’ll-die moments ever. In fact, I’ve been so amazed about how my brain and usually unreliable memory adapted to it. Before I go out of my room and head for the doorstep, it became my habit to think of PMILK and check if I have those items.

Seriously, those are essentials?

Okay, okay. I thought maybe some of you will argue with me about the “essential” and “must-carry” labels. I don’t know what your profession is – or if you’re still a student or what – but I do believe that these five things (e.g. phone, money, ID, lipgloss, and keys) are actually important for most individuals to survive in their ordinary (or even special) days of living.

Like c’mon, can you stand a day without your phone? Yeah, you can survive but – you’ll be tortured as hell thinking of who could have messaged or called you already. Secondly, money is essential. Without your wallet, how can you buy things or even pay for the fare? Third, if you’re a student then IDs are like your gateway to seeing you’re cute professor (unless you’ve got none). Fourth, a lip gloss is every girl’s bestfriend. Lastly, without your keys, can you get in your car/house/room/etc?

Getting into the habit

They say it takes 29 days to develop a habit – that’s like a month of practicing PMILK before jumping off your house. Nevertheless, in my case, it took at least a week before I’ve digested this into my system. Goodluck to you if you’re going to use it.


P – hone

M – oney

I – D

L – ipgloss

K -eys

It’s time to teach your memory how to function well. Again, goodluck!


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